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CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY WORKSHOP: The Hidden Presence of Christ in Nature

With Rev. Bastiaan Baan

Saturday, March 17th 10:00am - 9:00pm at Ecoheal and Sunday March 18th 12:45 Lecture at Emerson Waldorf School Brown Wing

“... In herb, stone, sea and light’s pure glance shineth His childlike countenance.”

Usually we just hear these words of Novalis as a poetic expression. However, for Novalis and a few others who are able to see behind the veil of the physical world, one can recognize the hidden presence of Christ in nature. In this conference, we will try – in several lectures, in singing, and in a workshop where we observe plants – to uncover the veil.

Suggested Donation: 60-$85 Registration: via PayPal or by mail to: Christian Community, PO Box 16331, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Contact: Buddy Smiley,, 919-951-4353


Saturday, March 17 at Ecoheal
9:30 am   Coffee and Healthy Snacks
10:00 am  Singing Workshop
10:45 am  Lecture: From Nature to Christianity – Bridging the Gap
12:00 pm  Catered Lunch
1:30 pm     Workshop: A New Way of Observing Plants
3:30 pm    Coffee Break
4:00 pm    Lecture: From Christianity to Nature – Bridging the Gap
5:00pm     Questions
5:30 pm     Dinner Break (guests on their own for dinner)
7:00 pm     Singing Workshop
7:45-9:00   Irish Christianity & Nature (Power Point Presentation: Iona and Staffa)

Sunday, March 18 at Emerson Waldorf School
10:30 am    The Act of Consecration of Man
11:45 am     The Act of Consecration of Man12:45 pm
12:45 pm    The Hidden Presence of Christ in Nature

Earlier Event: March 4