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ECOHEAL WORKSHOP: Healing from Within, Healing from Without

How do man made materials impact nature and human health?

What are the practical and affordable alternatives that serve them both?

This one-day workshop focuses on how conventional and earthen building impact the environment and our health. Presentations are followed by interactive discourses that explore hands-on solutions that are health-promoting, ecological, durable, energy efficient, and affordable. The tour of the Ecoheal site will convey many of these affordable alternatives that make mother nature smile.

Workshop Program

9:00-9:30    Registration & Exploration

9:30-10:00    Introduction of Group & Interests

10:00-10:30    Environmental Impact of Conventional Building

10:30-11:00    Related Discourse & Insights

11:00-11:30    Environmental Benefits of Earthen Building

11:30-12:00    Related Discourse & Insights

12:00-1:00    Catered Lunch Break

1:00-1:30    Touring Ecoheal Land

1:30-2:00    Impact of Conventional Building on Human Health

2:00-2:30    Related Discourse & Insights

2:30-3:00    Benefits of Earthen Building on Human Health

3:00-3:30    Related Discourse & Insights

3:30-4:00    Exchanging Thoughts & Ideas

Workshop Speakers

Rula Freiji-Mouawad, MD, Infectious Disease/MPH
Rula has provided Infectious Disease and Public Health services in community hospitals for over twenty five years.

Dani Mouawad, MD
Dani is a pediatrician who became involved in cracking the financial nut of green building due to the health impacts on poor children and families stemming from toxic housing and poverty.

Click here to register now.  Limited number of Student Scholarships available (e-mail to inquire).