Radical Innovation in natural building making dignified and healthy living an affordable reality for everyone


Our non-profit organization embraces the infinite wisdom and ability of nature to serve humanity. Our earthen building design method reduces labor, time, and the need for specialized skills by using nature’s designs as our blueprint. Our approach will bring hope to individuals, communities, and organizations seeking affordable, health-promoting, energy efficient, durable buildings in the midst of our growing ecological and financial crisis.  Among our innovations, our recently patented forming system reduces the time and labor associated with earthen building walls by 30 fold, finally bringing the cost of earthen buildings below conventional construction, all while meeting the International Building Code.

Please join us in bringing this ingenious solution to the world.


Certificate program

Are you a General Contractor or an Owner/Builder with a desire to build healthy, environmentally friendly buildings that will last for generations?  Ready to learn how to bring the cost of earthen building below that of conventional construction in a timely manner, while meeting the International Building Code?  Reserve your place now for our Certificate Program!

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