The Ecoheal Microvillage is an original communal living concept design that balances our socio-economic needs and nature's demands. It is a health-restorative and ecologically proliferative design of 12 dwellings surrounding a uniting center.
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our design rationale

95% of intentional communities fail before their inception. The reasons are many, most which are related to our colorful understanding of what it takes to build a community. By observing the evolution of villages around the world, there was a progressive and unpredictable balance between a growing community and their surrounding environment. Regardless of the evolving stage of each community, 4 universal archetypes continually repeat themselves: a common path, a gathering place, a spiritual bond, and a contemplative space.

If we take a typical Italian village, for instance, regardless of the size and location, you will always find a physical manifestation of the same 4 archetypes anywhere you go. The main street (corso communale), gathering place (piazza), a church (chieza), and a public garden (giardino publico). So is the case regardless of the era and the continent. Even in nomadic cultures, you will find the same but in a mobile form. In such a complex but fascinating ontological journey of humankind, the starting point is equally critical. I found that those starting a community with less than 30 people become overwhelmed by the challenge required to build a community.  And with numbers over 30 people, chaos is more likely to occur. Hence, a community of 12 living units with an average of 30 people is the ideal number. Lastly socio-economic, cultural, craftsmanship, and age diversity are crucial.