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Thinking Beyond Infinity – How to span The Infinite and Return Safely – A Course in Projective Geometry

Taught by Allen Barenholtz who 'sat at the feet' of Olive Whicher in the mid-1970's at Emerson College in England, and has worked with groups ever since.


Compete logical thinking requires a seamless blend of the Finite and The Infinite. Thinking Beyond Infinity will enhance the thinking process of the individual, by direct exploration of some basic principles of Projective Geometry. This important branch of mathematics restores the concept of The Infinite into the midst of what we already understand from high-school Euclidean geometry, which systematically reduces Infinity to a conveniently non-functioning element. This study entails no measurement of any kind, no formulae to memorize, and no previous technical skill --- thus, everyone is qualified at the outset. Some resulting skills will be mastered: clearer focus, increased attention to detail, and enhanced skill at resolving seeming contradictions. Thinking "the impossible" becomes routine, cohesive, and liberating.

In a series of 6-8 weekly sessions, we will learn the basic axioms and functional principles of Projective Geometry. We will be making nontechnical drawings, receiving carefully directed instruction, and have lively interactive discussion. Mastering these skills, individuals will not only be "thinking-outside-the-box", but will discover that 'box-thinking' remains an important yet limited part of complete logical thinking. Through this study, we will discover the compelling and essential concept of The Infinite, and add it to our customary thought processes -- one's view of the everyday world is apt to change . . . Unexpected yet significant outcomes will become customary. This new set of thinking tools will enable individuals to think with meditatively crisp focus and clarity, and discover solutions both in the workplace and everyday life that would never have been possible by means of linear, customary thought. The resulting focus and concentration will bring us into a garden previously unexplored.

Free Intro Evening on 29th 7:30-9; Classes on March 30, April 13, 20, May 4, 18, 25 from 10am-12:30pm.

Allen Barenholtz 919-308-4314