Earthen Building Certificate Course

This unique Certificate Course stands out by offering you the opportunity to be one of the first pioneers in implementing a ground-breaking patented forming system that allows, for the first time, to build earthen homes efficiently at a cost less than conventional construction, and it will expand your understanding of homes as an integral part of nature while serving humanity. During the course, you will learn how to navigate the legal permitting process of natural building, prepare and test earthen samples, build with the Earthen Forming System, learn different methods of mixing materials, learn about collaborating with subcontractors, gain an understanding of the integration of homes with the landscape and much more...

This model of construction is attractive to homeowners and green building advocates alike, since it offers upfront and long-lasting cost savings, that include shortened building times over Cob/rammed earth construction. It also offers energy savings, lower maintenance, and long term durability that can be  counted in centuries, while integrating many ecological practices that modern home owners are looking for. Among the health benefits are the detoxifying and EMF blocking properties of the clay and the mold resistance quality of the lime plastering making the indoor air quality virtually free from toxins and off gassing.

In short, if you wish to create healthy natural living spaces, within the framework of the local building codes, that are affordable for a wide range of people, this course is for you. In the face of dwindling resources, increased labor and material costs, and looming ecological challenges, this course offers you the opportunity to be ahead of the curve.